Rhea told her that she ended up being shocked as she believed that a mother/daughter commitment was a strong one

She told Lena about the lady child and that she loved your seriously however he’d fallen for a female that proceeded to just take this lady from him and after which their husband was actually slain

Rhea have provided Lena the design schematics for a [[|transmatter portal]]. Lena was excited during the options and benefits that such a device might have throughout the community though she knew it was presently just a theory. Rhea informed her it was possible following shared that she don’t determine Lena most of this lady secrets towards the style as she wanted to gauge the woman interest before trusting her with them. Lena told her that she ended up being most curious and Rhea consented to display all of them. They went to have dinner with each other where Rhea provided the lady a thumb drive with all the leftover items of the schematics your equipment. Rhea then said that her mama need to be very proud of their but Lena told her that she along with her mama don’t talk to the other person http://datingranking.net/entrepreneur-chat-rooms/ anymore specifically after the girl attempts to frame the girl.

Lena ended up being visited by Rhea once again as she got going over most of the brand-new data when it comes down to portal. Lena told Rhea she is arranging for safety to let the lady have access to her workplace but she simply needed their thumbprint. She after that moved their alien discovery device for Rhea to use and watched that she got an alien. When Rhea expected why these devices acted ways it performed, Lena ignored they before she told Rhea that she have examined the girl design and knew this would require a component that didn’t exists on the planet. She next announced that she know that Rhea got an alien. Lena angrily informed her that she wouldn’t build something on her and therefore she wanted the woman from the building. Rhea subsequently kept without another term. In the future later in the day, Lena got went to by Rhea who informed her that factor she lied about are an alien had been because she were aware of the lady mother’s reputation and mayn’t be sure that she wasn’t in the same way. Lena spitefully told her that many men and women immediately assume that she got a particular means because she is a Luthor. Rhea next shared with her that her offer was genuine and she did need to use the lady and expected that Lena would reconsider. She after that teleported from the lady company to go away Lena to her head. She attempted to call Kara on her behalf thoughts but Kara told her it wasn’t a great time as she was at the midst of a crisis of her very own.

Later, Lena was labeled as by Kara and she expected if she was actually ok. Kara shared with her that every little thing had turned out great and Kara subsequently expected what Lena wanted to discuss before. Lena told her that she had in fact settled that on her own. Lena next looked over at Rhea, who she have made a decision to work with regarding the portal in the end. Lena then questioned when they happened to be ready to alter the globe which Rhea told her that she is.[[|]]

Rhea’s betrayal

Lena later on possess meal with Kara, just who requires just what enjoys kept the woman therefore hectic. Lena informs the girl that the woman is employing an innovative new mate before you leave accomplish their unique first test about webpage. Afterwards, Lena and Rhea are in lunch discussing the unsuccessful first examination from the webpage. Lena was upset but Lillian reassures Lena that she thinks inside her. Again, their particular examinations fail and Lena proposes they’re going get Lex because he’d manage to remedy it. Lena is still discouraged in the not enough improvements getting produced and claims she wished to obtain it attempting to persuade every person, and herself that she had been coequally as good as Lex. Rhea reassures Lena that she actually is wise and guarantees this lady that she will do it and gives her advice on ways to get they to the office.