Using a condom, whilst having intercourse, is actually a rather effective way to avoid an undesirable pregnancy.

Infectious Diseases

Making use of a condom, whilst having gender, is actually a reasonably efficient way to prevent an undesirable maternity. A latex condom is always prevent sexually transmitted problems (STIaˆ™s). These ailments integrate vaginal herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis B and HELPS. The condom goes over the erect (tough) penis earlier comes into the sexual lover. The condom helps prevent the exchange of STIaˆ™s by continuing to keep semen from starting the intimate partner. Both partners are responsible for guaranteeing a condom can be used precisely.

The best places to Buy a Condom

Condoms can be purchased in almost any medication store without a medication, and can be had free of charge from lots of families creating centers. Condoms sold in washrooms are not recommended since they are probably be of low quality. A vending maker condom is likely to be fine if:

  • It is a latex condom.
  • It really is described for ailments prevention, and
  • The dispensing equipment has not been confronted with serious temperatures or sunlight.
  • The expiration (use by) big date regarding bundle has never passed.

When to placed on the Condom

Place the condom from the cock if it is basic erect and earlier gets in the sexual partner. Perhaps the small amount of fluid which comes around before one ejaculates carries sperm that may cause maternity. The liquid may bring malware or germs that can cause STIaˆ™s.

When you should put-on and Use the Condom

  1. Touch the end regarding the condom enough to keep a 1/2 inch room for semen to get. The tank suggestion must free of air avoiding stretching. Squeeze air outside of the the top of condom (image 1).
  • While pinching this 1/2 inches tip, place the condom against the end of the knob (visualize 2). An uncircumcised people should drive the foreskin totally right back before setting the condom against the conclusion of their dick. Unroll the condom completely doing the bottom of your penis (visualize 3). Placed more lubricant externally.
  • If either companion feels the condom split, end straight away and extract the penis . Put-on a fresh condom before continuing to possess sex.
  • After ejaculation happens and prior to the dick has shed their firmness, withdraw the penis and condom from your mate. Support the ring associated with condom contrary to the foot of the penisduring detachment to keep the condom from slipping down and spilling any semen.

  • Clean your penis and nearby neighborhood just after making love.
  • Wrap the put condom in some paper or synthetic and place it out.
  • Make use of a brand new condom every time you have sexual intercourse. Usually do not reuse exactly the same condom.
  • Safety

    • Just use exudate condoms. “All-natural” pet membrane condoms such as for example lambskin shouldn’t be used as they do not lessen dispersing the HELPS, hepatitis or herpes trojans.
    • Using exudate condoms helps avoid the spread associated with the AIDS trojan.
    • People with latex allergies must avoid using exudate condoms. When you have an exudate allergy, make sure to discuss this along with your health care provider. (consider the assisting Hand, sensitivity to Latex, HH-I-189.) Polyurethane condoms need employed by folks who are sensitive to latex.
    • Never re-use a condom. Utilize an innovative new condom every time you have sex.
    • If 1/2 inches of room isn’t leftover after the condom, it will probably probably split (visualize 1).
    • The bundle should point out that the condoms are to prevent ailments. Novelty condoms become meant limited to intimate stimulation, maybe not for safeguards. The package will not state any such thing about preventing disorder. This kind just isn’t recommended.
    • Unused condoms may endure and become secure to use assuming that 24 months after getting purchased if kept in a very good location. But always make sure to evaluate the aˆ?use byaˆ? go out and discard any condoms that have passed her expiration times.
    • Never carry condoms during the glove storage space of your own vehicle or perhaps in your own wallet for some time because heating weakens all of them.
    • To learn more about tactics to prevent pregnancy which happen to be more beneficial than condoms, ask your nursing assistant or physician.


    Don’t use VaselineA®, petroleum jelly, hair oil, baby petroleum or cold cream regarding the condom, doing this can cause the condom to-break.

    If oiling is actually desired, use a water-based or silicone lube, such KYA® or AstroglideA® birth control jelly or cream externally of the condom or pick lubricated condoms.

    Excess Security

    For additional coverage against pregnancy and to avoid spreading STDs, a contraceptive jelly, lotion or foam may be placed in to the female’s genitals before intercourse.

    For those who have any questions, definitely pose a question to your physician or nursing assistant.

    HH-IV-46 7/79, changed 3/10 copyright laws 1979-2010, countrywide Childrenaˆ™s medical facility